About Us

About White Dove Bird Release

We have been serving the Bay since 1998. Our mission is to make our doves the most memorable part of your event. All our doves are cared for and trained daily. Our doves are happy, healthy and loved. Our dove’s happiness and safety is our primary concern. We guarantee that all the doves that are release are clean, fit and well-trained.

Company Information

Serving the Whole Bay Area since 1998 Privatly owned & opertated

Bird information

1-100 birds
Breed: White Doves
Birds are trained to come home after being released
Color: White


A small non-refundable deposit of $50 will hold your event.

No Service if

There’s a strom
No night events
Strong winds

Payment Methods

Cash and Checks
Please make check payable to: Nanzz Productions

Dove Release Service, Inc.

San Jose, CA