1)Q: How many doves do you have?

A: We currently own 100 doves.

2) Q: What happens to the doves when they’re released?

A: Our doves are specially trained white homing "doves". They have an incredible instinct that allows them to find their way home from places they have never been before.

3) Q: How can I be certain that a dove won't "mess" on anyone during the release?

A: When dealing with live animals, nothing can be 100% certain. However, we do adjust the doves feeding schedule according to their release schedule so we can greatly minimize the chances of an "accident" occuring. The doves know once they get home, they will be fed to their hearts content. This is one of the main reasons our birds return home after each release.

4) Q: What if there is rain or bad weather the day of my event?

A: Our doves are able to fly in light rain or fog. Our release coordinator will show up as planned. If there is a downpour or inclement weather, we may choose to cancel the dove release. If we choose to cancel the event, a full refund will be granted. The safety of our doves is very important to us; we simple cannot release our doves in conditions which may prevent them from making it home safely. If a client cancels an event less than two weeks prior to the event date, partial refunds will apply.

5)Q. How Do I Reserve A Dove Release?

A: A small non-refundable deposit of $50 will hold your event. You can either mail us a check or pay in cash.

6)Q: Is there a traveling fee?

A: Yes

7)Q: Where are you located?

A: San Jose, CA

8)Q: Who do I make the check out to?

A: Please make check payable to: Nanzz Productions

Dove Release Service, Inc.

San Jose, CA